How to Find a Good Realtor to Sell Your Home

Are you a homeowner in Arizona planning to sell your home soon? One of the most important decision that you must make when the time comes to sell your home is selecting the right realtor to work with. I know it’s easy to find a real estate agent office in your neighborhoods that you can pop in but it’s important to understand that all real estate agents are not equal.

The biggest mistakes that most home sellers make when searching for a good realtor is going for the ones who promise high property listing prices and lower commissions. While it’s a common desire for all home sellers to sell their homes at the highest market value, these factors are not the ones which defines a good listing agent.

A real estate agent acts as the seller’s representative, helping them navigate through the entire home selling process and closing the sale in the shortest time possible. So, are you a new home seller and you are looking for ideas on how to find a good real estate agent who can help you sell your home?

The following are some important characteristics of a good listing agent that are worth considering;


1.     Realtor Experience Level

For how long has the realtor been in the real estate market? How many homes do they successfully sell per year? Do they have any reviews? Asking such question will help you know if you are dealing with a realtor who understands the entire home selling process in and out or if you are dealing with a novice agent.

When you work with a realtor with long-term industry experience, they will handle your home selling process more professionally because they have learned crucial concepts from their past projects.

An experienced realtor understands the local real estate market better than yourself. They will provide you with information about prices of similar properties in the neighborhoods and also keep you updated on the current real estate market trends.


2.     Professional Certification

It’s important to find out whether the realtor has any professional background in real estate. Ask about educational background and other real estate marketing certifications. If they are qualified for the job, you can have more confidence working with them compared to working with a realtor who can’t prove what they’ve done.


3.     Realtor’s Reputation

What are past home sellers who worked with this realtor saying about their services? Are they honest and trustworthy? Digging up a little background information of a particular real estate agent can help you determine whether they are a good fit or not. Check reviews on their websites to see what other people are saying about them and their services.

You can also ask for referrals to a reputable realtor from your trusted friends and family members. If a listing agent is sincere and genuine, they will not promise you what they can’t deliver when it comes to pricing and faster closing.


4.     Negotiation Skills

A good realtor should always have the seller’s interest at heart. After listing your home and you get bids from prospective home buyers, you will need a real estate agent with great negotiation skills to represent you.

For your house to fetch a good price, you need to work with a realtor who is an aggressive negotiator and not just someone who is just there to close a sale and get their listing fee. A realtor with great negotiation skills can also assist in faster home closing.


5.     Effective Communication

As a home seller, you need a realtor who will keep you updated on the home selling process. Your realtor should also be someone who is easy to reach at any time when you have any concerns. When there is effective communication, both seller and the listing agent move together as one team which is reading from the same script.

Explain your preferred communication channel and frequency and ask the realtor to guarantee that they can manage to keep you updated or not. A good realtor will be interested in knowing the best channels of communication that will work for you so that they can keep you updated in every home selling step that they take.


6.     Realtor’s Professional Network

During the home selling process, you will need services of other real estate professionals. You will need the services of an escrow agent, real estate attorney, interior designers maybe or even professional home cleaners at some point.

A good realtor is the one who has built a great professional network and can easily connect you to other reputable real estate players who can help simplify the home selling process.


7.     Realtor’s Marketing Strategy and Specialty

Home sellers sell their homes for different reasons. If you are a distressed home seller, you will definitely want to work with a listing agent who will guarantee a faster home closing. Therefore, ensure that you clearly understand their marketing strategy.

A good realtor is the one who specializes on a certain market niche because they are able to know where to get prospective home buyers and who to target with their listings. In today’s digital world, a realtor who is using digital marketing strategies is able to close a deal faster since most buyers begin their home search online compared those who do not actively run online advertisements.


As a home seller, when you pick the right listing agent to work with, you will enjoy your home selling process and you will avoid making costly mistakes. Use the above tips when interviewing various real estate agents. Once you settle on a particular realtor, ask them to provide you with a personal guarantee that they will deliver what they promise to offer.

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