From Wholesaler to REALTOR®

From Wholesaler to REALTOR®

How I Benefited from The Switch That Most Fear


A few years ago, I wanted to get into real estate, because I saw the amount of money being made. I had a few obstacles to overcome, first, I was in the army and had little available time. Second, I didn’t have the money to just go flip a house, and I sure didn’t have the credit at that time in my life either. Then I discovered wholesaling.


Wholesaling is where you find a house that would make a good investment for a real estate investor and secure it by either paying cash or by going under contract to buy the house in hopes that they can assign their position as buyer to someone for a fee.


I did a few deals and it was pretty nice. I liked the money and flexibility that came with it. I instantly understood why people do it. Wholesaling works, but I also noticed a fear and hatred towards real estate agents amongst many wholesalers.


When someone or a group hates another group or fears them there is always a reason, and it is always worth investigating. Why? You need to know what your competitor is doing. You can’t win if you don’t know who you’re up against. You might even do some research and realize you don’t want to beat them…. You want to join them!


Instant credibility was one of the first things I realized I had once I became a REALTOR®, because it was proof to the public that I had undergone training and was being held to a higher ethical standards.


More income sources

This was another benefit I quickly discovered. I would find houses to sell to investors just like when I was a wholesaler, but I would list them to the public and bring in multiple offers. Also when I put my professional real estate sign in someone’s yard I on average attract another seller and about 2 buyer clients. I get on average three clients per yard sign I put out. How many bandit signs do you put out before you get one call? How many before you get one client?  


Like I said I pick up buyer clients which is another source of income and I understand a lot of wholesalers don’t want to work with buyers, so, don’t… As a licensed real estate agent you can send those buyers to work with another agent and then you get to collect a referral fee off that. That’s mailbox money. I like going to my bank account and seeing I got paid for a deal I generated but did not have to work. Otherwise, It is illegal to receive a referral based off a real estate commission or success fee.  


When I sell a house to an investor I can often build enough rapport to be able to list it for them when they are done renovating the house and it’s worth more. Once again, my sign goes up in their yard and I get the same results as before and that’s on top of another paycheck for that sale on the same property. If I were a wholesaler I’d be looking for my next deal instead….  



Want to know how you find cash buyers as a real estate agent? You list a house that would make a good investment and market it to investors. Instead of spending hours going to meetups and trying to get their attention they call me! They just show up! It’s great! I love it!


My Firm    

My firm is another benefit. I get premade templates from them for marketing. Marketing that works. I also get lots of training because it’s in their best interest for me to succeed. I have a Broker that helps me when needed and verifies all my work and that protects me from errors and omissions.


My firm also has one of the coolest programs and if you are a wholesaler you’d more than likely succeed at it. It is not wholesaling it’s a normal transaction, but we already have a bunch of high qualified cash buyers waiting and ready to buy. They tell us what they want and we go find it and sell it to them. Check out the client facing website here to see what motivated sellers see. Also you can fill out this form here and I’ll email you more information that explains how it benefits real estate agents.


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