Why Hire A Real Estate Agent

Dated: July 30 2022

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Are you about to buy or sell a home and don’t understand why you should use a real estate agent? Well there are a few factors to consider first. Are you buying or selling a home? Is it a residential or commercial property? Are you buying or selling under any special or negative circumstances? Your goals for your real estate transaction will depend greatly on how you answer these questions, but at the end of the day everyone wants a deal to take place.

1       Real estate agents know what to look for

Do you know how to tell the difference between a potential buyer of your home and just another tire kicker wasting your time? Can you objectively tell if a house you want is overpriced? A real estate agent will figure out all the information you need to know before you even write or accept an offer. This way the contract has a better chance of going through. Imagine accepting someone’s offer to purchase your home only to find out a month or two later they lack the funds to complete the purchase and wasted all your time. Think that is crazy? I have seen it happen more times than I care to count. A real estate agent will help you determine if a buyer is even worth your time before you go under contract and close off your house to other potential buyers.

A real estate agent is you fiduciary and part of that is letting you know if you are offering too much for a property. They know how to look at data from recent sales and determine a fair offer price and help you decide where to go from there. They won’t be caught up in the emotion of home buying that you naturally will be feeling and can serve as an anchor for you and your voice of reason.

Different types of transactions require a knowledge of different aspects that must be found prior to buying. For residential you need to know certain details like what school district will your kids be in? Is the house in a flood zone? For commercial real estate what is the monthly traffic count look like? If you’re heavily dependent on foot traffic you better know. Can you even use the property as intended or is it zoned for something that just does not work for you?  

2       Money! Money! Money!

A good real estate agent either helps you keep more money or make more money depending on what side of the transaction you are on. If you are buying an agent can protect you from overspending. If you are selling, then statistically you will sell your house for more when you use a real estate agent compared to doing a for sale by owner. Chances the buyer of your house will have an agent as well and if you do not have one it puts you at a disadvantage unless you also negotiate and sell real estate on a regular basis. Chances are you do not and frankly you are outmatched and should be prepared to lose money or hire a professional real estate agent (sorry that was harsh, but I speak truth).

3       Real Estate Agents have much better Negotiating Skills   

Real estate agents are not super humans, but they practice negotiating real estate deals on a daily basis. Like anything you practice you will become an expert or at least have an advantage over the casual home seller. Statistically Americans buy two homes in their lifetime and only sell one…. My first year as a real estate agent I did 15 transactions for clients on top of my own investment purchase and sales. So, as a novice I already sold enough real estate for five lifetimes. See where I am going with this? Practice makes perfect and therefore hiring an experienced real estate agent is paramount to your success.


A real estate agent will make you competitive in any market, but hiring a good agent will make you a winner.    

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Why Hire A Real Estate Agent

Are you about to buy or sell a home and don’t understand why you should use a real estate agent? Well there are a few factors to consider first. Are you buying or selling a home? Is it a

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